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Obama By Led Black

A new day is dawning in America.  If you listen carefully you can hears the winds of change blowing.  There is a growing sense of dissatisfaction in this country, among Americans of all stripes, with the status quo that is palpable.  Business as usual will no longer do.  Americans are hungry for meaningful change and are motivated by what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. called the fierce urgency of now.  One does not need to be an economist to understand that the economy is in trouble and that the middle class is under siege.   The fires of xenophobia are nourished by right-wing zealots who portray immigrants as unwashed hordes intent on destroying the American dream with their inferior culture and values.  It doesn’t take an ecologist to come to the conclusion that climate change is a very real phenomenon and that we are witnessing the destruction of the environment right before our eyes.  Not to mention, that the Iraq War still rages on; almost 4,000 U.S. soldiers killed and more than 60,000 wounded.  Iraq has been destroyed in the name of democracy; 700,000 Iraqis killed and 4 million refugees.  According to the National Priorities Project the daily cost of the Iraq War is 275 million dollars.  The housing bubble has burst and all over the nation foreclosures are on the rise.  The fact is that every other industrialized nation on this planet has a universal health system except the United States.  Americans have the gnawing sensation in their collective gut that something is seriously wrong, that this cannot continue indefinitely.  There is only one person in this presidential race that truly speaks to that feeling.  Only one candidate so eloquently articulates that visceral frustration with the trajectory of this nation.  That candidate is Barack Obama and he is the person that this great country needs at this crucial juncture of its history.  Only Barack Obama can galvanize and lead a united citizenry to meet the challenges of the 21st century.  Keep that in mind as you head to polls this Super Tuesday to determine the future of the United States.  The power is in your vote.  Vigilance!!!


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    The reality is that we are in a state that requires change. I am personally sick and tired of having two families determine the future. enough is enough. I will be putting my vote in this evening. Thanks again for the very informative article.

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    Obama is the only candidate with the possibility of uniting OUR generation. We know the rest are cut from the same cloth.
    And I for one, do not feel like defending the serial re-offenders(Clintons).

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    Led Black

    While I think Hillary Clinton is an impressive and capable candidate I simply do not believe that she can beat McCain. The Clintons also have tons of baggage that I think should stay buried in the 90’s. Bill Clinton is the ultimate gift and the ultimate curse. Lastly, I’m troubled by the dynastic quality of the whole thing. Think of it this way – since 1988 only 2 families, The Clintons and Bushes, have controlled the White house. That doesn’t feel like real democracy to me.

    Led Black

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