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BbwwPosition: Executive Assistant to the Chairman
Provide oversight, serve as a gatekeeper and principal liaison; driving force of all communications between business entities and internal departments: strategically protect CEOs calendar and time; provide oversight for flow of communication; monitor calls; ensure at extremely fast-paced office is organized and that all bases are covered; manage his timing; anticipate his needs in order to ensure that all the information he requires is always at hand; conduct due diligence to acquire background material in support of outstanding questions; provide key information to assist him with responses; manage planning logistics for domestic and international trips; prepare correspondence consistent with general direction; implement process improvement programs and strategies; resolve crises; maintain tasks lists and status reports; create, design and implement processes and procedures utilizing current technology; responsible and accountable for projects from beginning to end; support CEO with personal requirements as needed. Create collaborative team.

Scope of Position:
Work on complex issues and provide analysis of situations. Manage by directing and coordinating activities based on CEO-directed goals. Develop a relationship that enables you to anticipate CEOs needs and to work in partnership, jointly discerning common objectives and working on common problems. Serve as liaison with internal/external staff in order to understand and track firm-wide goals and concerns. Manage projects; involvement with outside activities, event planning. Implement directives identified by CEO; provide follow-up to ensure consistency and task completion. Coordinate efforts of various entities to present a coherent message. Provide leadership, supervise staff and streamline activities. Manage a broad range of relationships. In performance, raise the profile of the company; at all times guarding its reputation.

I. Information Management
Heavy Telephone contact; respond to calls, follow up as needed. Review incoming mail and e-mail; take complete responsibility for follow up, draft/respond to correspondence, inquiries and invitations. Route mail to other executives when needed for handling; follow up as required. Provide daily activity report to CEO on status of all activities (requests, open items, etc.) from each member of staff. This is especially critical when he is traveling to keep him up-to-date by headlining the critical issues-and providing general information about less critical topics. Research issues, gather data, and develop materials for internal and external meetings, or for other purposes, as needed.

II. Planning: Due Diligence
Monitor calendar; Anticipate potential issues regarding calendar, and ensure that there are no scheduling conflicts. Meeting preparation: manage requirements/ needs of individuals involved; track and manage meeting requests and telephone calls which require his attention. Arrange appointments, meetings, speaking engagements, board meetings, philanthropic activities, various business and social events. Responsibility for coordinating accompanying materials. Oversight of complex planning logistics for domestic and international trips; assure accuracy for detailed itineraries and agendas. Arrange for security: double-check details. Facilitate the successful implementation of projects initiated by CEO and senior advisors:
• develop a framework to clearly support strategies, sub-goals and processes
• coordinate with all participants
• set standards and deadlines for component activities and requirements
• monitor all phase to ensure appropriate follow-through and attention to detail
• anticipate potential problems; plan for contingencies
• provide clear, accurate status information to appropriate parties

III. Coordination/ Detail Management
Provide oversight and ensure accuracy in critical details and coordinate all activities relating to:
• incoming/outgoing communication
• calendar coordination and cross-checking of facts
• travel arrangements: aircraft, pilot, arrival times, ground transportation, security, VIP Services
• meetings, agenda times, participants confirmation
• coordination of briefing materials
• open items/unresolved questions
• timely completion of tasks by support staff; ensure deadlines are met
• event planning
• board meetings
• household-related projects

To apply, send a cover and resume to:

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