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Manny_5qs_2UPDATED 10.28.06 (6:18PM EST): Bella is now ranked #2 ($8,026 per theater) in the nation this weekend at the box office based on a comparative per theater take, as the number one film opened in 3,183 theaters  vs. Bella’s 165. It is second only to Saw 4 ($10,088 per theater) and #17 overall. This success is in large part due to great word of mouth.

"Bella" is out in theatres in all major markets. We saw it on Friday in a packed theater in Times Square where the audience laughed, cried and applauded together. We highly recommend it.

At "Bella’s" New York Premiere at the Tribeca Cinema’s, Tony Bennett was so moved by the film that he made an impromptu speech, with tears of joy in his eyes, during the post screening question and answer:

"This film is an incredible, incredible piece of art, a master piece that every American must see."

"Bella" also just won the Heartland film festival, the largest cash prize of any film festival ($100k), beating “Lars and the Real Girl,” starring 2007 Academy Award Best Actor nominee Ryan Gosling.

For more news updates on this important film, visit www.BellaNews.

Some of you may know him from the TV show "100 Centre Street", the film "Washington Heights" or more recently as Hector Lavoe’s best friend Eddie in “El Cantante". His latest work "Bella" makes it’s theatrical debut this Friday October 26th at a theater near you. The film has won a host of film festival awards including the highly coveted People’s Choice Award at the Toronto Film festival. Without further adieu, we present, The 5Q’s with actor Manny Perez.

Name: Manny Perez,
Job title: Actor
In the field(s) of: Film & Television
Originally from: Baitoa, República Dominicana
Motto to live by: If my dad fed and raised 11 kids while working in a conuco with a machete in hand, I CAN CONQUER THE WORLD!!!

How did a boy from Baitoa wind up being one of Hollywood’s most employed Latino actors?
Well, first of all, I surely think God has blessed and is guiding me. And secondly, if you do your homework and prepare yourself in respect to the craft of "acting", I believe you will go far. When I walk into an audition, I give it my all! I’m not just auditioning, I walk in prepared to SHOOT THE FUCKING SCENES I’m auditioning with. Producers and directors, they see and respect that and I feel that’s what has gotten me so far. It’s my commitment to the craft.

Looking back on 2007 do you feel like this was your breakout year?
Yes, again, I’ve been blessed!! I’ve been working non-stop for the last 3 years and somehow all of my films are either out or coming out this year and 2008. It’s very exciting and at the same time nerve-racking, because the older you get, the more your work matures. I always have one eye closed as I watch my work on the screen. I always think I could’ve done it better, because I have matured with my choices and in my craft. It’s very hard for me to actually watch my work on screen. It’s a learning process for me to accept what I have done on the screen.

Talk about Bella which opens up this Friday?
Man, BELLA is a pearl!! Truly it will change a part of your life, I am not kidding. It makes you realize the beauty of life. I love this film, it’s the type of film Hollywood should be making about our culture, our people and our values as Latinos. If this film explodes at the box office, Hollywood will make hundreds of films just like this one.  A must and a necessity for OUR GENTE. Something different and with a lot of heart. I think this film has a chance to get nominated for an Oscar. All I want to say is "IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.”

What motivates Manny Perez?
Hmmmmm….I think my dose of the craft… what does that mean? Well, acting is like drug for me, it’s my high, my kick! When I’m shooting a film and I’m "in the moment", and when you know you are creating a masterpiece from words on a piece of paper to the big screen, that’s what motivates me to continue to do, what I do. I can’t get that feeling out of anything else.

In 2008, Hillary or Obama?
I say, lets O-bama them all!!! : )


For more info on Bella the movie visit: 

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