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By Led Black

Illegal_tender The first thing I got to say about Illegal Tender, right off the bat, is that this movie kicks some serious nargas (ass for the Spanish language challenged).  From the thrilling, beginning sequence to the bloody end, this flick is filled with action, excitement and more shooting than a Hip-Hop award show.  Another major plus is the tremendously talented cast.  Wanda De Jesus takes no prisoner as the tough, resilient Latina Mom, Millie DeLeon, who protects her brood by any means necessary from the demons of her husband Wilson DeLeon’s dark past as a drug dealer. República family member, Manny Perez, portrays the character of Wilson DeLeon with verve and an intensity that is palpable.  Rick Gonzalez as Wilson DeLeon Jr. also does his thing, playing a spoiled suburban kid who has to step up to the plate and grow some cojones and the beautiful Dania Ramirez does a solid job as his love interest.  On the real though, it is Reggaetón artist Tego Calderón who steals the show as Choco, a slick talking, connected Puerto Rican tiguere – I know it’s a real stretch for him.  The early scenes that depicted NYC in the eighties were bananas as well as the scenes in Puerto Rico, which captured the electricity and vibrancy of the island.  All in all, the John Singleton produced and Franc Reyes directed, Illegal Tender, is a good bang for your buck.   Check it out.

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