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By Led Black

Elcantante The bugles are blaring – the weekend of August 3rd, 2007 is D-Day.  This weekend  marks the arrival of the long-awaited Hector Lavoe biopic, El Cantante, in theaters nationwide.  It is absolutely imperative that Latinos come out in droves to support this movie in its opening weekend.  Every Latino and I mean every Latino should make it a point to see this flick.  The young, the old, the healthy and the handicapped – shoo, even the blind should be in attendance (Jose Feliciano, El Cieguito de Nagua etc…).  The illustrious, über entrepreneur Jay-Z put it best with this recent quip, “men lie, women lie – numbers don’t”.  And that ladies and gentlemen is exactly the point, we need to show Hollywood in particular and this country in general that we exist, that we want to see our stories told and that we want a say in how we are portrayed.  There is truly strength and dollars in numbers. 

On the real, I know Jennifer Lopez has her fair share of detractors but in this film she is, in my opinion, worthy of an Oscar.  Not to be undone, Marc Anthony channels the sprit and soul of Hector Lavoe.  Manny Perez as well as the entire cast and director Leon Ichaso do a stand up job of bringing the man, the music and the era to life.  Ultimately though, it is not really about Hector Lavoe or Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez for that matter but about Hispanic-Americans telling the world we matter and that we are a force to reckoned with and we will not be denied.  So again – make sure you watch the flick this weekend and while you’re at it cop the soundtrack too.  Palante, Siempre Palante!


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    I’ve seen the movie twice. I’ll probably see it a couple of more times, just to give my utmost support. I’ve emailed all my freinds and told them to go see it! I liked the movie. I wish they would have explained a little more why he was so depressed. I don’t think it was explained and the revelation of how messed up his relationship with his dad was, came too late for me in the movie. Also I wish they would have had someone play Celia Cruz who was a HUGE part of Fania. HUGE! A simple morenita passing him in the hallway saying “Hi Hector” and he saying “Hi Celia” would have been enough for me. Other than that, I thought the movie was well done. I think Jennifer acted her ass (no pun intended) off. I don’t know about the Ocsar but I agree that she did a great job. I’m really proud of her!

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    Jessie Thomas

    I CAN’T SEE IT AND AM VERY UPSET AS ALL LATINOS FROM NORTH CAROLINA TO ATLANTA who can’t see it. They said they didn’t buy the film to curb “gang violence.” Sounds like Racism to me . Most of my friends in Indianapolis and every other semi big city said they didnt have it there either I guess we will have to wait for dvd we are pissed.

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    Who said they didn’t buy the film to curb gang violence? Is this published anywhere on the web. We would love to shed some light on this.


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