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By Led Black

Lebron Since his departure from the NBA, Michael Jordan has cast a long, wide and profound shadow on the league.  Every young promising player, from Harold Minor (whatever happened to him – his nickname was baby Jordan) to Vince Carter to Kobe Bryant to Dwayne Wade, has at one time or another been christened as the next Jordan.  While a few of these players have proven themselves to be great players in their own right, none of them have been able to fill Jordan’s shoes.  That is until now, that’s right folks, Lebron James is the real deal.  He is that great and unlike a whole host of other players, Lebron actually makes his teammates better as well.  I find it somewhat poetic that just as Michael had to get through the Pistons to reach the next level, so did Lebron.  I watched that fateful game 6 with my 8-year-old daughter and I let her know that what she was watching was history in the making, that she was fortunate enough to see a great player transform himself into a phenomenal and transcendental player.  That was the point where hype met reality and they realized that they were in concurrence, which is quite rare indeed.  The NBA finals begin this Thursday at 9 PM, my suggestion would be to tune in and watch the saga unfold.  Michael Jordan can now rest assured, an heir apparent has stepped up to claim the throne.  Long live the King!!!


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    The accelerated growth curve of LeBron is amazing.

    Michael Jordon, Warren Buffett and half the world want to hang and praise LeBron.

    It’s going to be an amazing NBA Championship and next couple of years for him.

    LeBron James: Witness a (future) Billionaire

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