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Welcome to the first podcast episode of the Perez Notes, a weekly, hour long, public affairs radio show that was founded by Roberto Perez and originates from LaGuardia Community College. Perez, who started his show in November of 2006 after a stint at WBAI, will cover everything from politics to the arts and will give a voice to those who are truly passionate about their craft or ideas.

Our first episode features the inspirational, Felipe Luciano, who was born in 1948 in the East Harlem section of New York City. He is an American poet, community activist, journalist, media personality, and a politician.

He attended Queens College and became a member of the Original Last Poets (with Gylan Kain and David Nelson). He co-founded a New York-based Puerto Rican-American gang called the Young Lords (also called the Young Lords Party) in the 1960s, and served as its chair.

He later became a radio, television, and print journalist and won several awards for his work in these fields. Since the late 20th century he has run for various local government positions.


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    I’d like to thank you Roberto Perez(and Republica Trading)for collaborating on this insightful weblog!!!

    Secondly,The Felipe Luciano Interview was Right On…
    truely enlightning and powerful!!

    Wishing u continued success

    Keep the Faith.

    Fidel V.

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