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By Led Black

A good friend of mine put me up on this YouTube clip of Joe Rogan airing out Carlos Mencia live, onstage and in living color.  The incident occurred on February 10th at the Comedy Store in Hollywood, CA, Joe Rogan was done with his set and was introducing the next comedian, Kirk Fox, who works for Carlos Mencia.  Joe Rogan proceeds to refer to Carlos Mencia as Carlos "Menstealia" for his known habit of ripping off other comedians jokes and walks off the stage.  Well, Carlos Mencia just happened to be at the venue and grabbed the mic from Kirk Fox and called out Joe Rogan by saying he wasnt man enough to say those things to his face.  Bad move.  Joe Rogan comes back out and its on and popping.  At first, the crowd seems to side with Carlos but the tide quickly changes as Joe Rogan keeps up his non-stop barrage of instances where Carlos has stolen other folks stuff.  Here are just some of the things I learned about Carlos Mencia after watching this clip.  First, he is not even Mexican but Honduran and German.  Secondly, his real name is Ned Holness (wow).  Thirdly, George Lopez choked Carlos (Ned) up for stealing a copious amount of his material.  Believe me, you wont regret watching this clip, it is hilarious. 

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