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Vista From a Vista customer:
"While investigating how to change the default language of Microsoft’s newest operating system, Windows Vista, it became quickly apparent that Hispanics pay more. Six calls to various Microsoft support personnel confirmed that it is impossible for any version of Vista, except Business and Ultimate, to toggle the interface from English to Spanish. Business and Ultimate are the more expensive versions of Vista. While not Hispanic, it struck me as unreasonable and something that needed correction."

If that is the case, it is in fact something that Windows should work on pretty quick. Yes, most of Hispanics, especially second and third generations do not really need the interface in Spanish. But there is a lot of people that would prefer to still work in Spanish. And we can’t help but think that people buying Vista in Latin America also may need to change to English. But according to the community group that we could find in Windows, when someone asked "Is there a way I can convert Vista Spanish edition to English? " the reply posted reads: "No. If you need Windows Vista in English, you’ll need to purchase an English version of Windows Vista."

Considering Windows’ efforts to promote their new operating system, this issue does not seem as a good idea.

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    Unalienable Rights

    This is why Microsoft loses. Firstly, sixteen months after introducing the XBOX 360, they’re now introducing XBOX 360 Elite.

    Now, it’s almost insulting that they would borrow a Spanish word to name their latest operating system, but make their customers jump through economic hoops in order to change the language on it. Maybe those Apple commercials are true. Maybe it is time to make the switch.

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