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By Led Black

Boa The Right Wing crazies are up in arms over Bank of America’s latest pilot program to provide secured credit cards to Spanish speaking immigrants who might not have social security cards.  This is what favorite racist nut-job, Representative Tom Tancredo, had to say, "I hope the administration will shut down this reckless and illegal program before Bank of America extends a line of credit to a potential terrorist".  What him and his despicable ilk are attempting to do is nothing less than to paint all immigrants, illegal or otherwise, as dangerous subversives looking to destroy the American way of life.  Nothing could be further from the truth but the anti-immigrant movement is gaining traction across the country as immigrants are being made out to be the scapegoats on everything from the attack on the middle class to terrorism.  Bank of America’s forward-thinking move makes perfect fiscal sense and is neither illegal nor immoral.  It is a smart business decision that can help to position the financial institution as the bank of a New America, an America that is diverse, increasingly bi-lingual and much more inclusive.   


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    Rodger Smith

    Mr. Black, such a “backlash” is NOT anti-immigration as you state, but rather anti- ILLEGAL, there is a difference you know. Further, if I want to stop doing business with Bank of America and/or Wells Fargo or anyone else for that matter, that is MY choice – period – for whatever the reason. Additionally, it appears you are anti-American system of justice in that you have already decided that such a move is not illegal. You have appointed yourself judge and jury too. Interesting!

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    Rodger, Rodger you sound like a smart person don’t fall for this false bill of goods that you are being sold.

    Illegal is going into Iraq under false pretenses. How do we start going after Osama in Afghanistan and end up going after Saddam in Iraq? How does Osama’s family get out of the U.S. on private flights on 9/12 when all flights in and out of the U.S. we’re cancelled? That’s what’s illegal here. Where is Osama now? We don’t even hear of him anymore.

    What is deemed illegal in this great country of ours, is actually a tool of those that can afford to bend or change the the rules and laws (via lobbyists) into their favor for financial profit.

    This whole immigration issue is being used to distract the populace from what is really going on in our country. We are faltering and we need to wake up about what’s really happening in our country before it’s too late and our quality of life is threatened.

    Our problems include but are not limited to: Education, Healthcare, The Enviroment, The War, the Off-shoring of American jobs by the same companies that hire the lobbyists that force our government to amend the laws; our budget deficit and our relationships to other countries. No empire lasts forever, at this rate, I’m not sure we’ll make it to our 300th birthday, unless we enact change.

    How soon we forget that this country’s founding father’s we’re themselves immigrants. The United States was built on the backs of immigrants. So unless, you are 100% American Indian, you too are the descentdant of immigrants.

    Give the immigrant some respect…90% of them come here to work and create a better life than the one they left back home. It was the the case in the 1700’s and it’s still the case today.

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    Led Black

    Rodger – First of all, Banks are conservative institutions by nature – they do there best not to break laws. If they had broken a law all the opponents of their pilot program would have said so. Also, people like Tom Tancredo, Lou Dobbs and Glen Beck among others conflate illegal and legal immigrants. They paint all Hispanics as poisoning the well of American goodness.

    Secondly, Just the facts, once again you’re comments are so on point. You broke down the issue quite succinctly. Immigrants have always been a boon to this country. To smear them as the cause of all of America’s problems is dishonest to say the least.

    Led Black

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