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By Led Black

The 2008 Presidential election will be one of the most important elections in American history.  The stakes are tremendously high; the Iraq War rages on and could intensify and envelope the region in an even more lethal conflict that has the potential to send shock waves through the global economy.  On the domestic front, the middle class is under attack and demagogic right-wingers continue to scapegoat immigrants as the scourge of American values and culture.  Americans of all stripes, persuasions and political affiliations are looking for answers.  The Democratic Party is uniquely situated to satisfy those concerns if it only could get its head out of its ass and rise to the occasion.  Only time will tell.  The race is on.   

Billrichardson Governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson
Bill Richardson is the first Mexican-American to run for President.  He is also the first Mexican-American that I know of to be named Bill Richardson.  Confusing Anglo name notwithstanding, Bill Richardson is a serious candidate with serious credentials.  He has been a Congressman, the US Ambassador to the United Nations as well as the US Secretary of Energy among many other important positions.  Not to mention that he has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize four times.

Joebiden_1 US Senator Joseph Biden (Delaware)
Even before Joe Biden made his stupid and racially insensitive remarks about Barack Obama referring to him as clean and articulate (duh), I didn’t really like him.  He has considerable experience and expertise but he comes off as a pushy and annoying used car salesman.  He is too much the dirt bag politician for my taste; I feel an urgent need to bathe after watching him speak on TV.

Johnedwards Former US Senator John Edwards 
(North Carolina)
John Edwards is the David to Hillary Clinton’s Goliath.  That being the case, Mr. Edwards is staking out a position for himself as an unabashed populist.  He has called for a complete withdrawal from Iraq within 12 to 18 months and has repudiated his 2002 vote to authorize the war.  His ambitious proposal for Universal health-care is also a step in the right direction.  It remains to be seen whether his appeals to the average American will be a match for Hillary’s profoundly deep campaign coffers.

Hillaryclinton US Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (New York)
The ice queen cometh!  For many political pundits, Hillary Clinton is a shoe-in for the Democratic nomination and some would even argue the Presidency.  It is no secret that she is the preferred candidate of the Democratic leadership.  The issue I have with Hillary is that she is always seems to be triangulating.  Every utterance, statement and gesture reeks of it being contrived and focus group tested.  She also hasn’t apologized for voting for the Iraq War resolution as John Edwards has done.  Needless to say, if it comes down to a contest between Hillary Clinton and any of the Republican candidates, I would have to vote for Hillary.

Barackobama US Senator Barack Obama (Illinois)
You would think with a last name that rhymes with Osama, Hussein as a middle name and the fact that Barack Obama is Black, that this man would not have a chance in hell of being president.  On the contrary, Barack Obama is a serious contender who has completely altered the political landscape.  He is a bonafide star that oozes charisma, authenticity and integrity. His detractors have used his limited political experience to paint him as a novice but at least he had the wisdom to know that the Iraq War was a mistake in 2002 before he became a Senator.  Barack Obama has electrified the Democratic base like no one since JFK.  With that said, the questions becomes, is America ready for a Black President?


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    Pinche Panchita

    I just wanted to say that I always enjoy your email update. You make me laugh yet you provide me with good information before even a lot of other spots pick up on it. You are more on point about all these candidates than all the tv commentators. Gracias once again!!

  2. Reply
    Led Black

    Pinche Panchita – Thanks for the positive feedback. We do our best to bring to our community of readers info that is relevant, cutting-edge and essential. We also try to interject humor into the equation as humor is a integral component of the Latino experience. As the saying goes,”laughing to keep from crying.”

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    A Savage Just Like You

    Cant front..Led Black you have come thru again and made it easier for us to have a better understanding of why we should vote for who we vote for…you should have your own online TV Presidential Elections program from now til 2008, see the Daily Show

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    I don’t think that America is ready for a black president. I think that he’d be a great president, but “the man” ain’t gonna let it happen. Trust!

  5. Reply
    Led Black

    Inez – You make a great point about America not being ready for a Black President even though he is an outstanding prospect. Whoever becomes President in 08 will be up to their neck in foreign and domestic turmoil and will lead a country that is polarized to the extreme.

    Led Black

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