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By Led Black

We here at the Republica Update are always thinking ahead.  With that in mind, here is our list of possible Republican Presidential contenders for the 2008 election.  The Republican Party is in massive disarray.  The Iraq War as well the drubbing they took in the 2006 mid-term elections shook up the party but the Presidential elections are politically a long time away and major developments such as a widening of "The War on Terror" to include Iran could alter the American political landscape dramatically. 

Tancredo Congressman Thomas G. Tancredo (Colorado)
Tom Tancredo is a real scuzzball.  He has built a nation wide reputation for his disdain and dislike of immigrants.   Mr. Tancredo is a prime supporter of building a militarized wall along the border with Mexico.  He is also closely aligned with the racist vigilantes that call themselves the Minuteman Project.  This is the a-hole who recently likened the city of Miami to a “third world country” because of its large Hispanic population.  Tom Tancredo is the Archie Bunker of modern day politics. 

HuckabeeFormer Governor of Arkansas Michael D. Huckabee
Michael D. Huckabee doesn’t have a chance in hell of becoming President.  His last name alone is reason to not elect him, can you imagine President Huckabee.  Anyway, his biggest claim to fame is that he recently lost over 100 pounds.  He also bears an uncanny resemblance to Gomer Pyle.  Well Golly!!!

BrownbackUS Senator Samuel D. Brownback (Kansas)
Kansas Senator Sam Brownback is straight up Looney tunes.  This dude is George Bush without the intelligence.  Exactly – he makes Bush look like Albert Einstein.  Mr. Brownback is a kooky, bible thumping, anti-gay and anti-science Neanderthal.  That he could even be considered a candidate for such a high office makes the United States look extremely backward and primitive. 

MccainUS Senator John S. McCain III (Arizona)
While Arizona Senator John McCain is considered a top candidate for the Presidency, I think the time he spent as a P.O.W. in Vietnam has left him scarred emotionally and mentally.  In short, this man has issues.  He is an influential Republican warmonger and is a strong supporter of this current conflict.  If this guy wins the Oval Office then it might be time to move to Canada. 

GiulianiFormer New York City Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani
New Yorkers know this guy.  Rudy like George Bush himself received a total makeover courtesy of September 11th.   Before that tragic day, Giuliani was loathed by a good portion of his constituents because of his lack of sensitivity and some would say downright scorn of their concerns.  The slaying of Patrick Dorismond and Amadou Diallo happened on his watch, in addition to the gruesome sodomy of Abner Louima.  After 9/11 he became America’s mayor.  His law and order persona plays well across the country but his pro-choice and pro-gay rights outlook will certainly hurt his prospects. 

Romney_1Former Governor W. Mitt Romney (Massachusetts)
The former governor Mitt Romney is also a front-runner for the 2008 Presidential nod.  He is considered an authentic conservative alternative to both McCain and Giuliani and has raised considerable amounts of money thus far.  In my opinion, this dude is just another fraud trying to ride the Evangelical wave all the way to the White House.  I have to fight the urge to do the universal jerk-off hand gesture every time I see his face.

HagelUS Senator Charles T. Hagel (Nebraska)
Last but certainly not least is Chuck Hagel.  He represents the realist, non-retarded wing of the Republican Party.  He is a decorated war hero and fought in the frontlines in Vietnam unlike Bush and Cheney who don’t mind war as long as they are not doing the fighting and the dying.  He is articulate, measured and is shaping up to be the Republican anti-war candidate.  Check out this must read interview with him in GQ Magazine


  1. Reply

    The real “skuzzball” has to be you.

    In the first place please tell the truth. Tom Tancredo is not against “immigrants” He is against illegal aliens.
    As far as a wall goes, I’d say if you don’t want a barrier built to slow down the 20/30 million unknown people in this country, you’re brainless. Please note, he said we need a “fence”.

    Our country is the most generous country in the world in allowing immigrants to LEGALLY enter this country.

    You need to read and research before you put out such unmitigated garbage.

    As far as Miami goes, it probably is a third world!!!!

  2. Reply
    LA Resident

    I live in Los Angeles. Huge areas of Los Angeles look like 3rd world nations as well. In California and Los Angeles the government has encouraged illegal immigration. Vast areas of the city have 3rd world poverty. When you import massive numbers of poor people with a grade school education, your city will start to look like a 3rd world nation. The city, state and federal government does not encourage assimilation. Huge numbers or poor, grade school illegal immigrants and no move by the government to make sure there is assimilation. This equals the look of a 3rd world nation in some areas of the city. I drive through it every day. I see it with my own eyes. Pretty straight forward. Race has nothing to do with it.

  3. Reply
    Led Black

    Finer – Your political crush on Tom Tancredo notwithstanding, the man is a scuzzball. If it makes you feel better I can refer to him as a “xenophobic dimwit” like Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Dave Barry did in the Miami Herald. Secondly, Tom Tancredo has repeatedly talked about controlling both legal and illegal immigration. He has used this issue to elevate himself to national prominence. Tom Tancredo has referred to the racist vigilantes that make up the Minute Man Project as “American Heroes”.
    I am all for a reasonable and nuanced discussion of immigration but demonizing illegal immigrants as criminals and unwashed hordes intent on destroying America is a lame substitute for good policy. I also find it hilarious that you, like Tancredo himself, want to play word games by calling the proposed high tech militarized wall a “fence”. A fence is what I have in my backyard; this thing that they are intent on building is something else entirely.

    Led Black

  4. Reply

    Anti-Immigration Rep. Accused of Hiring Illegal Workers
    By The Associated Press

    DENVER — A congressman who has been demanding tighter immigration controls is defending himself against allegations that illegal immigrants remodeled his basement.

    Two employees of a contracting company say they and other illegal immigrants from Latin America helped install a home entertainment center and a bedroom in the Littleton home of Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., The Denver Post reported Thursday. For more visit: link to

    Illegal labor aided Tancredo Workers say they redid basement for immigration critic Article 1 of 2 found
    By Michael Riley Denver Post Staff Writer
    September 19, 2002; Page A-01
    Section: NEWS DESK
    Article ID: 1112384 — 1385 words

    Undocumented immigrants helped remodel U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo’s Littleton basement, two of the workers told The Denver Post.

    The workers said they were among a crew of five or six people who labored for contractor Creative Drywall Design of Denver, creating a home theater with terraced seating, a billiards table and game area, and a bedroom for Tancredo, a Republican and one of the nation’s most vocal immigration critics.

    For the rest of this article, search the archives (enter the article’s date) at the following link as it’s buried pretty deeply within their site.

    Tom Tancredo’s Denial: link to

  5. Reply
    a savage just like you

    I think a profile of this caliber is great..because it allows most of us, who don’t keep a watchful eye on our political contenders, to justify why we should despise the Republican Party, now just balance out the scale and give us a profile of our democratic leaders…come on folks at the end of the day our leaders are chosen based on who is the better mudslinger and dodger..

  6. Reply

    A SAVAGE JUST LIKE YOU…I agree…profiles like these are indeed important to break down for us the pros & cons of each candidate.

    In this country we cannot fall into the default mode of Democrat’s are good and Republican’s are bad. My problem with politicians on both sides of the aisle(with the exception of Barack Obama who is still un-jaded), that we as Americans need to address is that every single politician is worried more about their political parties, campaigns, aspirations, careers and power than they are about their constituents. This needs to be addressed with our votes.

    I ask our politicians and our citizens to set our partisan differences aside and ask ourselves how together we’re going to move our country forward. We have an aging infrastructure, an education system that is failing us, escalating health care costs, a war that in bankrupting our country both financially, spiritually and morally. Politicians with special interests and an immigration bill that is just plain ridiculous. Trust me when I tell you that Mexican’s are not stealing your jobs. Greedy politicians lobbied by even greedier Fortune 500 corporations under the guise of globalization are the ones sending your job overseas.

    I want to see how they’re going to build this so-called fence without any Mexicans(maybe Halliburton or Bechtel will take on the job using Iraqui immigrants…lol).

    As for California’s agricultural economy which happens to be the 5th largest in the world, who’s going to farm all that land that produces the fruits, vegetables and wine that we all love so much?

    And in the meat packing industry? The pay scale has gone from an average of $19/hr to $9/hr due to immigrants taking on jobs that no one else wanted. Get rid of the immigrants and watch as the wages rise back to $19/hr and soon you’ll be having $80.00 steak.

    As if this we’re not enough, we have built an inordinate amount of ill will across the rest of the world because of our politician’s personal vendettas against other governments.

    Lastly I want to leave you with this, Russia, India and China are all rising global economies with needs for resources. At no time in history have we had four countries with 4 rising economies all vying for the same resources. At the same time China is graduating 600,000 new engineers a year; India, is graduating 350,000 new engineers a year and the US is graduating the only 70,000.

    What kind of America are we leaving to our children? Will America live to see it’s 300th Birthday? I don’t know, what I do know is that now is the time to decide. Remember our government is by the people for the people, not the other way around. Our votes are starting to get very expensive…make them count! You’ve been warned…

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