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Para hablar español press #2!!
By Sue, Ad Agency Executive & Capital One Credit Card Customer

Capitalone_1 I wanted to share this story with you guys as few use this service even when Spanish is their first language.

In the past, I’ve pressed #2 and used the Spanish customer service for various services, mainly ones that have to do with utility companies or really big companies that put you on hold for a really long time.

I guess the call volume on the Spanish lines is much less, so you get immediate service and the reps tend to be much more accommodating.

Recently I had a lapse on my Capital One card. I never use the thing, however I have an automatic charge every month from "Credit Inform" so that I can monitor my credit. Needless to say, $4.99 is a charge that’s pretty easy to forget about. Since I wasn’t using the card, I wasn’t worried about the bill. When I finally opened a bill I had accumulated $60 in late fees on my $9.98 charges.

When I called the regular Capital one line, the lady was completely un-sympathetic…really cold actually. Then I remembered my different past experiences with the Spanish speaking customer reps.

I called back and pressed #2 for Spanish.

The guy I got removed ALL my charges…And was really cool in the process.

Moral of the story- Press #2 and you get better service – and they’re more likely to be forgiving to your plight!!

Try it for yourselves and spread the word to people who could benefit from this.


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