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By Led Black

Cheney For those that don’t know, Vice-President Dick Cheney is the real power behind the throne.  Think of the aptly-named Dick Cheney as the puppet master and monkey boy George Bush as the puppet, except that the puppet master is so smooth and fiendish that the puppet doesn’t even know his strings are being pulled – better yet he doesn’t even see the strings and thinks he is the real master of his destiny (shades of Pinocchio).  Dick Cheney was one of the main instigators of the illegal and immoral war of choice that is the invasion of Iraq.  While the tightly knit group of ideologues known as the Neo-Conservatives were the true architects of this ignoble war.  Cheney provided the access and means to actually undertake this horrific endeavor.  Mr. Cheney repeatedly lied to lead us into war and has not stopped lying since.  He is the type of dude to piss on you and then tell you that it is raining.  In the run up to the war he told the American public that we would be greeted as liberators, in 2005 he claimed that Iraqi insurgency was in its last throes.  The insurgency has since only intensified and Iraq stands on the precipice of a deadly civil war with very serious regional implications.  Mr. Cheney is the most powerful man on the planet and he surely acts the part.  In 2004 he told Senator Leahy of Vermont to go f**k himself and earlier this year he shot a friend of his in the face during a hunting trip.  He claimed that it was an accident but one has to wonder.  After coming out of intensive care Harry Whittington, the man Cheney shot, apologized to Cheney for getting shot – that’s gangsta.  Not to mention that Cheney still receives deferred payments from Halliburton from when he was its chief executive.  Needless to day, Halliburton has profited handsomely from this war.  Cheney is now itching for a war with Iran, if his past history is any indication, we will soon be at war with Iran as well.  Check out this You Tube clip of Cheney being his nasty, lying and arrogant self with Wolf Blitzer on CNN.  What a Dick!!!

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