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By Carl Campanile, New York Post

Badillo Herman Badillo has dropped a bombshell on his fellow Hispanics – charging that too many are mired in poverty because they don’t value education.

"Education is not a high priority in the Hispanic community . . . Hispanics have simply failed to recognize the overriding importance of education," the first native-born Puerto Rican elected to Congress writes in his new book, "One Nation, One Standard."

"Hispanics have failed to assume responsibility for their children’s welfare . . . Hispanic parents rarely get involved with their children’s schools. They seldom attend parent-teacher conferences, ensure that children do their homework or inspire their children to dream of attending college," he adds.

Badillo writes that many Spanish-speaking immigrants are hard workers, but that to get their children to move up the economic ladder would require a cultural shakeup of sacrifice and "self-improvement" by putting education first – as Asian and other U.S. immigrant groups have.

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    martin n danenberg

    We should all unite to help the Hispanic community.

    Hispanics Studying English on their Own | GED Programs | Eric Schneiderman Talks About Gregorio Luperon »

    September 06, 2006
    New York City Promotional Exams

    By Profesor Martin N. Danenberg “El Quijote del GED”

    The very same problems may be going on all over New York State and other states. Why are so many students failing promotional exams? This article raises the issue about the Chancellor’s ability to turn the schools around.

    When one half of the glass is full and one half in empty, people show there optimism or pessimism by their responses to the question posed. With the cities’ students repeating the third, fifth, and seventh grades, we can see how many students have failed to pass the promotional exam and we can determine if the glass is full or empty.

    First we must know the number of students who were eligible for summer school and that number is 15,981. Of those who did not pass the first exams, there were those who were promoted upon appeal and that number is 2,801 in the three grades. An additional 7,813 did not pass the test. So 10,614 never passed the test and may experience educational problems in the near future.

    You buy cars from professionals that provide the best information to you about engine size, trunk space, miles per gallon, and more. Those who lie are probably selling you a lemon and then you get stuck. This is probably what is happening to parents and children with the instruction for promotional exams.

    1. Do teachers receive an analysis of all the weaknesses of their summer school students before starting the actual instruction?
    2. Do they teach according to the individual needs of each student or are they instructing only or mostly the entire class.
    3. What is the strategy of each teacher during the final two weeks or so? Do they have a strategy for each student?
    4. Are parents informed about the weaknesses of their children at the start of summer school so they can assist or have a family member or a tutor help out?
    5. This probably goes on all over NY State, not just NYC.
    6. The predictor test for the promotional exams of NYC’s third and seventy grade students would tell you what percentage of the children were expected to pass before classes started. If you get a figure that is around 50% of the students are expected to pass and only 50% passed, you can conclude that all of that instruction helped hardly anyone one and the summer program was unproductive.
    7. Suggestions have to be made to parents, too, concerning the discipline of their children during the summer weeks, concrete suggestions that keep the children from lapsing into bad study habits.

    ISLANDIA, NY 11749
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    Latino Blogs Hispanic September 6, 2006 06:39 AM | Noticias | GED Math

    Ahorre: Paginas Web

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    martin n danenberg

    January 11, 2007
    By Profesor Martin Danenberg “El Quijote del GED”

    “Badillo didn’t mention any names – but he was clearly referring to Bronx Democratic party leader and Assemblyman José Rivera, ex-mayoral candidate Fernando Ferrer, Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrión Jr. and Assemblywoman Carmen Arroyo, among others,” writes Carl Campanile.

    I think not! I have been focusing on the word blasts for weeks now and I have read the opinions of Hispanics on both sides of the issue. And now Carl Campanile has crossed a line that I hope I never cross. Maybe Badillo was clearly referring to the four Hispanics mentioned and maybe he was not. I am not going to go more deeply into this issue at this time. What do you think about Campanile’s comment?

    Adolfo Carrión is a great friend of my campaign. José Rivera loved my comments about getting Jewish people to help in the struggle of all immigrants. Fernando Ferrer knows “El Quijote del GED” and Carmen Arroyo’s office told me that the Assemblywoman would attend the inaugural event of the Hip Hop Summit Youth Council Latino Division. Herman Badillo and I met once and we had talked on the phone about the GED.

    I want these leaders to unite instead of to divide. Adolfo Carrión has the passion for GED that is needed to help hundreds of thousands of people in New York City. We probably need to triple the number of diplomas now because there is a GED crisis. This “blanquito” wants the all Latinos to finish their education.

    ISLANDIA, NY 11749
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    Profesor Martin Danenberg January 11, 2007 08:28 AM | Noticias | GED Math

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    Mimi O'Connor

    Bravo for you, Herman Badillo!! I am listening to you on C-Span with great interest, and became so excited, I have to write. I am not Hispanic; I was born in Canada, speak and write well in English, not so well in French, am sorry I am not fluent in any other language. But you — you are a marvel! PLEASE take your education one more level: investigate Dr. Maria Montessori, medical doctor, educator and peace advocate!! Montessori had the answer to ‘social promotion’ as well as the most effective philosophy and method for helping children develop their full potential. PLEASE visit a Montessori school and see for yourself the happy, self-disciplined, well-behaved, hard- working, self-directed youngsters: six-year- olds with five and seven year olds nearby, each LEARNING at his/her individual rate, up through the teen years, developing self-confidence and acquiring SKILLS. If you search, you will find that this academic approach does not have to cost more than we now spend on public education. It is a secret the teacher-training folks have managed to keep: Montessori is not magic, it is not mysterious and it does not have to be prohibitive in cost. It IS what the public school people do not want to look at because it will mean admitting what we’ve known for years: our present methods of education are failing our children. PLEASE do not look away, Mr. Badillo, visit a good Montessori school, check out the Montessori Academy in Delran, NJ, or the Bucks County Children’s House in Fairless Hills, PA. where former graduates are now sending THEIR children. The founders of Google credit their early Montessori education for their success; must have something special. Yes: Individualized schooling works!! It gives each child an opportunity to learn at his own rate, in his own style, and to succeed in every academic AND social endeavor necessary for a successful life. May you sell lots of books! M.O’C.

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