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By Led Black

With one of the most important elections in American history less than 2 weeks away, the Bush administration and the Republican Party are ratcheting up the fear and racism factor to get their faithful to the voting booths on November 7th. 

In order to galvanize the immigrant bashing Republican base, Bush (as previously reported here on October 5th) signed a bill on Thursday October 26th authorizing 700 miles of new fencing along the U.S.-Mexico border.  The Republican Party is also running several racially tinged ads in Tennessee, where there is a close race between Black Democrat Harold E. Ford Jr. and Republican Bob Corker.  One TV spot, which has been recently pulled, has a white woman stating that she met Harold Ford at a party at the Playboy mansion and asking Mr. Ford to call her.  Pandering to some White’s fears of Black men lusting after white women, ala the infamous Willie Horton commercial ran by the Republican Party in 1988, is utterly vile and despicable (what era are we living in people?). It is also indicative of the state of Racism in America, one never really knows when and where Racism will rear its ugly head. Peep TV spot:

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