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Women All too often, women are overlooked, marginalized, or just flat out insulted in hip hop culture. This event is designed to give women their due while creating a forum for critical discussion and pro-active and positive approached to problem solving. Featuring a panel discussion with acclaimed female artists and writers, Women in Hip Hop will discuss the challenges they have faced as women setting out to make their mark in a traditionally male-dominated culture, providing both inspiration to young women and girls, as well as offering insight of their struggles with the men and boys with whom they work, love, and live. The event will also feature a performance from local Brooklyn songstress Maya Azucena, who most recently performed at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival, as well as a PSA from Black Girls Rock, and a multi-media presentation for We B*Girlz, the first book of female breakers around the world today by Martha Cooper and Nika Kramer.

The Women in Hip Hop Panel discussion will be moderated by powerHouse Book Publicity Director and No Sleep ‘til Brooklyn curator Miss Rosen and will feature a broad range of women whose work has influenced hip hop for the past three decades including:
• Patti Astor, co-founder of FUN Gallery
• Janette Beckman, photographer of some of the most iconic album covers of the 80s
• Beverly Bond, Founder and President of Black Girls Rock
• Martha Cooper, legendary hip hop documentarian
• Delphine Fawundu-Buford, street photographer and portraitist
• LADY PINK, legendary graffiti writer and artist
• Joan Morgan, author of When Chickenheads Come Home to Roost
• TOOFLY, hot young urban muralist
• Violet, old-school b-girl and founder of KR3Ts

Short Film Screening: Redder than Red
Celebrated photographer Martha Cooper and writer Nika Kramer make their directorial debut with the story of Hanifa “Queen” Hudson, aka Bubbles, the pioneering female breakdancer who rose to fame in the early 80s with breakdance crew The B-Boys, via appearances on TV and in early hip hop films Electro Rock and Bombin. Widely acknowledged as the first female breaker to compete with men in the almost exclusively male, emerging hip hop culture, Bubbles remains an inspiration to b-girls all over the world. Bubbles became famous through a line in Electro Rock when the host says: “Check out the one in red—it’s a girl!” Combining vintage and recent footage, the film explores the life history of a talented, now-37-year-old, Jamaican-British girl who got caught up in the excitement of hip hop in the early 80s, attained a measure of fame, was virtually forgotten, but has recently re-entered the scene. In the intervening years, Bubbles married, had a son, divorced, and converted to Islam, changing her name to Hanifa. The film captures the excitement of the early days of hip hop as it arrived fresh from the Bronx to England in the 80s. The film’s highlight is a reunion of Bubbles’ crew, the B-Boys, in the local community center, where they dance together for the first time in nearly 20 years.

For more information, please contact Sara Rosen, Publicity Director
Tel: 212-604-9074 x105, Fax: 212-366-5247, e:

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