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With midterm elections roughly six weeks away; Bill Clinton and Chris Wallace heatedly debating on Fox; leaked intelligence reports showing an upsurge in Islamic militancy; and two parties fighting sound bite driven, he said, she said campaigns against each other, who do you believe re: the state of our country?

Here are two full length, sound bite free interviews of Richard Clarke. He’s been in the news a lot lately in relation to his books, Clinton, terrorism etc. The interviews are each a little over an hour long, but we owe it to ourselves to know who this guy is.

Richard Clarke, has been a presidential adviser for two decades. He has worked in the White House, State Department, and Pentagon. His specialties are cybersecurity, counterterrorism and homeland security. 

The first interview is from the National Constitution Center. It looks at national and Homeland Security post 9/11. Clarke offers an insider’s look at terrorism in America by discussing his work of fiction, The Scorpion’s Gate, as well as Against All Enemies.

The second interview is from a "meet the the author program" sponsored by the World Affairs Council Of Northern California. Here the topic of conversation is The Scorpion’s Gate: Fact or Fiction?

This is the reason why we all need to get more invloved in our country’s political process! Get out, register and vote on November 7. It’s your country, represent!

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