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Trina STATS:
Name: Trina Bardusco
Job title: Co-creator, Habla Mas on HBO
In the field(s) of: TV Production
Originally from: Venezuela and U.S.A.
Motto to live by or 1 childhood lesson that stuck with you thru today: My Mom always told me “Don’t be afraid to be strong.”

THE 5 Q’S:

Tell us how Habla on HBO came about?
I was working at HBO Latino in On-Air promotion and my boss at the time, Alberto Ferreras, came up with the idea of doing talking portraits of Latinos in the U.S. A as an interstitial campaign and I did the casting. It became so popular that it turned into a series.  We’ve done over 200 monologues with folks in New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago.

What differentiates Trina from the rest of the pack?

I am a completely bilingual and bicultural person. I want to create bridges of understanding through media between Latinos and the mainstream in this country. It’s what drives me and it’s the basis of my work. (But a lot of us are already working on that, not just me!)

Where do you see Latino’s in entertainment heading in the next 5 years?
I think that there will be more shows that reflect a whole generation of Latinos who live between both cultures and who speak Spanish, English and in Spanglish.  There’s no getting away from us! We are a force to be reckoned with.

Things that motivate me.
True friends and wanting to stay healthy. All original forms of expression and good music. I am inspired by the mix of people in New York and how they interact.

Mac or PC?

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