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Name: Antonio "AJ" Ortiz
Job title: Child Actor
Current projects: Feature Film, "Illegal Tender"
In the field(s) of: Acting
Originally from: Spanish Harlem, NYC
Things that motivate me: Seeing myself on TV and people noticing me.

THE 5 Q’S:
What projects are you currently working on?
Just wrapped on the feature film, "Illegal Tender" starring Manny Perez, Tego Calderon and Dania Ramirez amongst others.

What makes “AJ” such a good actor?
I always ask the director if I am doing what they want when I am working. If they tell me no, then I listen to them tell me what they want and I do it for them.

Where do you see yourself 5-10 years from now?
I want to be rich and buy a big mansion for my whole family.

One actor or actress that I would love to work with?
I have done stuff with a lot of people that I really wanted to so I don’t know.

Mac or PC and why?
I am only 7 and I use my Mommy’s computer. She said it is a PC. That is all I know.

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