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Wilspin STATS:
Name: Wil “Wilspin” Whitney
Job title: Co-owner Nom De Guerre
Current hustle(s): Wholesaling of the Nom de Guerre collection
In the field(s) of: Fashion Retail
Originally from: Long Island, NY
Motto to live by or 1 childhood lesson that stuck with you thru today: Just to be as nice of a person you can be, life is too short to be an asshole.

THE 5 Q’S:
What projects are you currently working on?
Presently me and the crew from Nom de Guerre are strategically selling our in house collection to other stores in a gradual manner that will increase its exposure from one season to the next.

What are the attributes that separate Wil from the rest of the pack?
I consider myself a people person and I will talk to anyone may they be someone already who’s already established or someone just looking for advice on a start-up venture of some sort. 

Where do you see the field of fashion retail headed in the next 5 years?
Retail has already become more "boutique" than "mall" in the past 5 years so in the next 5 I think you will see even more small boutiques and new lines sold in those smaller stores. Consumers are looking for the "new thing" before everyone else and it will just be a continuous competition to look stylish and be on the forefront of fashion.

Things that motivate me:
Stories of struggle motivate me the most. I see segments on TV about someone who succeeded in overcoming an illness or the loss of a loved one and then they strive to become successful in some field may it be sports, entertainment or fashion. That’s definitely motivating! 

Mac or PC and why?
Mac, cause once you go Mac, you never go back. HOLLER…

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    Hello, Wil, I am very proud of you! You have always been an exceptionally brilliant man. I have always and will continue to pray God’s Best upon your life. Be forever Blessed!

    Angela M. Denson

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