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Sky_1 STATS:
Name: Sky Washington Nellor 
Job title: Lifestyle technician & Advisor
Current projects: Radio show, TV show, music supervising events & runway shows…contemplating writing a book.
In the field(s) of: Anything and everything I find interesting and challenging…With my love for good music playing a major part.
Originally from: Australia, Los Angeles, Japan, Italy, France, UK, Miami and of course New York City!!! The world is my home…actually if I do the math I might spend more time in the air than on the ground.
Motto to live by or 1 childhood lesson that stuck with you thru today:
What you put in is what you get out…so do the best you can!!

THE 5 Q’S:
What projects are you currently working on?
A radio show and a pilot for a TV lifestyle show. I can’t divulge more. Lets just say everything I do will be very accessible and cool.

What are the attributes that separate Sky from the rest of the pack?
Guess I lucked out with my name and all…

Where do you see the field of music & fashion headed in the next 5 years?
Mmmmm on a cataclysmic collision, exploding into nothingness…No seriously, I envision the two messing together more than ever. There will be the good, the bad and the great!!!!

Things that motivate me:
A challenge, a dare. I admire people with drive and vision, Madonna, Tom Ford, Steve jobs and the myspace founders!!!!

Mac or PC and why?

Mac of course, their design, simplicity and functionality leaves PC’s in the dust.


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    im your number 1# eternal dieheart fan and lover forever!i will always love sky nellor and my soulmate and as a dieheart fan forever.

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    number 1# eternal king decades dieheart fan!

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