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Welcome to the debut of "5Q’s with…" a fresh new section of "The República Update" where you will find the most interesting, diverse and eclectic five question interviews anywhere on the web. Who better to set it off than 21st century renaissance man Bobbito Garcia in his latest re-incarnation as Kool Bob Love. Formerly known as DJ Cucumber Slice, KBL has done it all, from Nike pitch-man to club DJ; radio DJ to published author; basketball coach to his own TV show on ESPN2. Bob, if we missed a career or two we apologize. Without further delays, here’s our first installment of the "5Q’s with…" We hope you enjoy.[R]


Bobbito_4 Name: Bobbito Garcia aka Kool Bob Love
Job title: DJ, writer, basketball player/announcer/ performer, TV host, creative producer, designer, sneaker/music consultant, photographer, actor, dancer
Current hustle(s): Huh? I just told you!
In the field(s) of: Music, basketball, footwear
Originally from: Upper West Side of Manhattan, parents from Borinquen
Motto to live by or 1 childhood lesson that stuck with you thru today: the only person who can stop me from smiling is me

THE 5 Q’S:

What’s currently on your plate?
Maduros leftover from yesterday with a fantasy scoop of flan from Camarada’s en El Barrio! Just started a new TV series on MSG Network called “Summerball.” I’m the host and creative producer. Still writing for Vibe Magazine and Bounce (which I co-founded). My book “Where’d You Get Those? New York City’s Sneaker Culture 1960-1987” will be released on soft cover this fall by Testify Books. I also signed a deal for it to be made into a full-length documentary made by Hock Films (who also executive produced my ESPN2 series “It’s The Shoes.”) Still spinning the last Monday of the month at APT. and the first Sunday of the month with Rich Medina at the Vault. My Monday party celebrated 5 years back in January. That’s hard to achieve in the NYC club scene. And I’m running with a squad called “Puerto Rican Pride” up at the Dyckman and Hoops In the Sun (Orchard Beach) tournaments. Got more stuff, but that’s enough for now.

Just check my sites for more updates:,,

What differentiates what you do from the rest of the pack?
I don’t fear failure, and have been blessed to be paid to be myself in multiple areas of my interests. I have followed no path but my own. I live a life of self-determination to the fullest. And I’m the youngest receding-hairline, grey-bearded 39 year old I know!

Where do you see your field of work headed in the next 5 years?
Career is straight, I’d love to be working on my personal life more, develop a strong bond with a woman and start a family. Check back with me in 5 years. It’ll happen

Things that motivate me.
I’ve worked for myself for 15 years now. You can’t be freelance and not have a ton of self-motivation and self-discipline. After that, it’d go . . . New York, the memory of my father Ramon Garcia (RIP), my family, the kids in Harlem who show me mad love on the street and on the court, all the open-minded people who have danced at my parties, and hmmmm . . . I’m living my life righteously now so that when I meet that special woman things can just flow real smooth. I’m done with drama. Done.

Mac or PC?
What! If I had it my way we wouldn’t even communicate via email. I still don’t have a cell phone. All this technology was supposed to improve communication, but all I see it doing is making people more distant from each other. Think about that . . .

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    yo rafael y led black–

    millon gracias! ‘preciate the love.


    kool bob love

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    No diggety Bob…


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    Kool Bob Love…Rock! Rock On!

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