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Sracism By Led Black

As soon as Black athletes hit the field they are greeted by the vilest, most dehumanizing names imaginable.  In addition to being called monkeys and having to be taunted with the crowd seemingly in unison making ape noises, the players also get bananas thrown at them.  To add insult to injury, some players are even spit upon and roughed up.  Where and when is this taking place you might ask?  The United States, prior to the shattering of the color barrier?  No, it’s today and it’s happening all across Europe.  Even in Spain, a country that considered somewhat progressive in these matters, soccer arena racism is quite rampant.  Last year in Italy, Marc Zoro was brought to tears and threatened to walk off the field after repeatedly putting up with the crowd’s shouting of racial epithets.  Nike in tandem with some of Soccer’s greatest players is addressing this issue with their anti-racism campaign, Stand up Speak up.   

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Here’s a story that recently ran on the ESPN touching upon this topic.

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  1. Reply
    Franziska Castillo

    This is very upsetting. However, I would challenge us all to address similar problems here. How many of us don’t have at least one family member who says similar things about Haitians and/or “morenos”? We need to stand up and say no every time this garbage comes out of someone’s mouth even if the person speaking it is our tio or cousin. It’s still not considered taboo in our communities to make blatantly racist comments, not pick up black passengers for a taxi ride, not to want your child to befriend African-Americans, etc., I think we as the younger generation should start making this unacceptable. Then maybe we can tackle soccer.

  2. Reply
    Led Black

    Point well taken Fraziska, I do think that Dominicans in particular and Latinos in general definitely have race/color hang ups that are in this day and age obsolete. With that being said, I don’t think you can equate the ignorant remarks of some folks to the belligerent and cantankerous Racism on display in Soccer arenas across Europe. Also, it is bigger than Soccer because in essence those half-crazed fans shouting those nasty and vicious slogans are systematic of a wider Racism that is inherent in Europe. I would also suggest you watch the ESPN segment on our site regarding this topic. It is quite an eye-opener.
    Led Black

  3. Reply

    Hey, you are totally right about that. I guess I was kind of going on that “think globally, act locally” concept. Thank you for putting this information and video up, it’s something that I had no idea was going on, that is definitely important.

  4. Reply
    benson musaum

    Racism is not something new we have lived with it and irrespective of what efforts people put to eradicate it some people will never change their attitudes. This is because they have been conditioned since childhood that African people are inferior it’s like religion it’s hard to change peoples beliefs on certain issues. There is more racism in Europe than in United States. I wonder what they would feel as human beings if it happened to them instead of people of African origin.

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