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We are a big supporter of Apple products as are many of our friends. So it’s good to see that Apple is looking into this matter trying to do the right thing. We look forward towards seeing the outcome of the investigation. [R]

By AppleInsider Staff

A pair of photos published earlier this week by the UK’s Mail on Sunday appear to portray substandard work environments within Chinese manufacturing facilities that build versions of Apple Computer’s popular iPod digital music players.

One photo shows shows a dormitory within E3 — a Foxconn-owned manufacturing facility responsible for churning out iPod nanos — packed tightly with cots and lined with wash buckets, lockers and clothes lines.Ipodcity1_1

Yet another photo appears to show employees lined on one of the factory’s roof tops as they prepare to begin work for the day.Ipodcity2

"Every morning the workers, in beige jackets to denote their junior status, are taken up to the factory roof for a military-style drill," the Mail reported in its article, titled "iPod City."

Foxconn, also known as Hon Hai, is one of the world’s largest IT companies. The Taiwanese company has been contracted by Apple to build products such as iPods, AirPort Express base stations and desktop computers.

According to the Mail, Foxconn employs a "million-strong" staff and is currently investing $57 million in factories in Beijing and Suzhou that will "take advantage of China’s cheap workforce."

On Wednesday, Apple issued a statement in response to claims made by the Mail on Sunday, saying it plans to investigate the matter.

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