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Your own local number

Your friends can call you any time without racking up long distance charges – even if you’re halfway around the world.

An extra phone number you’ll love

Receive unlimited calls on your AIM Digits. AIM Phoneline helps you manage your busy life. Take calls online or let them go to your voicemail. Use it on a web site, your blog, anywhere. It’s easy, and best of all, it’s free.

Voicemail, Caller ID and more

AIM Phoneline comes with lots of great features. You’ll get unlimited calls, Voicemail, Caller ID – all included at no cost.

Easy to use

AIM Phoneline is already baked into the latest version of AIM, the popular instant messaging and communication service. If you don’t have AIM yet, you can download it for free. (Click here to download)

Talk as much as you want

Receive unlimited calls and talk to callers as long as you like – anytime, anywhere. Never a charge.* Your AIM Digits are yours to use and share as much as you want.

Just register to start using your FREE AIM Phoneline.

FYI – If you have AIM Phoneline which gives you FREE incoming calls and Skype which gives FREE outgoing calls who needs to needs to pay a phone bill.


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