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By Led Black

Is it me or has the Bush administration, the Republican Party and the national media decided to turn up the racial temperature in this country a few degrees?  It began a few weeks ago, when out of nowhere Immigration became the hot button issue – never mind that there is an immoral war of choice going on that is draining this country of soldiers, wealth and prestige – it culminated last week in 2 landmark events.  The first was an announcement by George Bush, following a senate vote on Wednesday to add hundreds of miles of fencing to the border with Mexico; plus plans to build a high-tech virtual fence encompassing the entire border.  The 2nd was another Senate vote on Thursday to make English the national language.  It is vitally important that these 2 very ominous and threatening developments be dissected, investigated and debated.


High-tech Virtual Fence
President Bush’s plan to build a high tech virtual border is in effect nothing more than corporate welfare.  Not only are his corporate buddies being asked to help implement this virtual fence but they are in essence going to conceptualize an entirely new border strategy.  Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and Northrop Grumman, 3 of the world’s largest military contractors, have been tapped to submit bids for a multibillion-dollar contract to build this controversial boondoggle.  That an actual working techno-fence might ever come to fruition is beside the point, this is a blatant giveaway to those who share the President’s worldview.  The takeover of this country by Big Business has been a long time in the making but this President and his cohorts have finally made it official.

English as the national language
While the impact of this Senate vote is still unclear, the sentiment behind it speaks volumes on the thinking of some folks in this country.  First of all, when people deride immigrants they don’t mean all immigrants.  They are not talking about people of European descent, what they mean is Hispanics.  A thin veneer of Patriotism disguises the outright fear, hate and xenophobia of Latinos.  As Hispanics are on the cusp of being the largest minority in this country, there are elements in this country who are actively working on diluting that political power.  These vile operators consistently play the Race card by scaring Americans into believing that Hispanic immigrants are dragging this country into the abyss with their inferior cultural mores, ways and language.
Immigration is and has always been the lifeblood of this country.  Without immigrants, this country could not function much less prosper.  Immigration is a complex and highly nuanced issue; it deserves measured and rational thinking not fear-mongering and race-baiting.  In this crucial mid-term election year, those in power have decided to cast Immigration as the source of America’s problems in order to obscure the real issues that this nation is facing; the Iraq War, the rising cost of energy, healthcare etc…  Immigration and in turn immigrants have become the scapegoat for the failings of this administration.  We at Republica Update encourage your feedback; please take the time to offer your views, thinking and insights on this extremely important issue.


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    It appears as though our leaders are so overly concerned with issues that, while need attention, do not demand these kinds of actions. I don’t care what languages are spoken in the USA. The more, the better. I welcome diversity and appreciate other languages and cultures as well as my own. What concerns me is how my Mother, who gave so much of her life to this country, and its government, is on the verge of losing most, if not all, of her social security and health care benefits. What concerns me are the thousands of academically abled young men and women that are denied scholarships and finacial aid for college because of the countless cutbacks in education, the thousands of people that do not have adequate health care, and the blatant ignorance to these issues that our leaders are showing. I agree that there needs to be rules and regulations regarding immigration. However, there are more serious issues at hand that I would like to see addressed. It’s almost embarrassing that our President and his associates took less than one month to come up with a so called “solution” to the immgration issue. Yet have seemingly turned a blind eye to the magnitude of our errors in the war in Iraq, health care reform, and education.

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    Thank you for clarifying the current immigration issues taking place. You’ve summarized it in a way that I can understand. I must say that I was very impressed (and surprised) by the turnout in response to Bush’s latest distraction tactic. I can only hope that we remain united with other issues that impact our communities.

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