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Topic: Breaking up’ with People You’ve Outgrown

For an article for a major women’s magazine, I’m looking for women in their 20s and 30s who wish they could (or did) dump, fire, or otherwise give the heave-ho (gently) to any of the following people:

1. A relative who provides a professional service for you (other than a hairstylist). Is your brother-in-law your accountant? Your sister your travel agent? You want to maintain the personal relationship, but the professional relationship isn’t working anymore.

2. The casual acquaintance who gets too close: This could be the fellow bus/train commuter you see every day, the barista at your favorite coffee shop who is getting overly chatty, the waitress who sees you so often she thinks you’re pals, and it’s getting awkward. You’d like to ride to work in peace, reading a book, or have a coffee or lunch without hearing about your waitress’s latest boyfriend. You’re ready to break the chatty cycle.

3. The regular gang: This could be the book club, supper club, vacation gang that you helped start. And now you’ve outgrown it but it’s awkward to leave.

4. The old friend with history: Your college roommate, your bar-hopping gal-pal from your single days — anyone you simply don’t have anything in common with now that you’ve moved on to another phase of life. You don’t want to cut your pal totally loose but you want to pull back a bit — tactfully. Please e-mail me and tell me a little about your awkward situation, your age, and where you’re from. I’ll get back to you for more information. It may be possible to cloak your name for privacy.

Contact: Teri Cettina
Deadline: 05:00 PM US/Eastern MAY 23



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