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You can take a Dominican out of the DR but you can’t take the DR out of a Dominican. By Led Black


The part that I dread the most of my every few years trip to DR is the plane ride.  It’s not because I have post-9/11 jitters or even that I am afraid of flying in general.  The reason that I Hate, with a capital H, flying to DR is the thought of flying in a plane full of Dominicans.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my people and their never say never, can-do spirit.  Dominicans can literally make a dollar out of 15 pesos.  The thing with Dominicans is that we are organizationally challenged to put it mildly.  Most of us don’t like rules, regulations or authority for that matter.  Chaos is our calling card.

The torment begins as soon as you get to the airport.  The lines for the Dominican flights wrap around endlessly.  It would seem everybody brought about 4, packed to the brim, suitcases apiece.  American Airlines, the most popular carrier to the DR, has a 50 lb weight restriction on each luggage.  Well guess what, most of the people traveling to the country never bothered to weigh their suitcases at home.  Now you have them opening them up trying to get some of their extra stuff on to their carry-on bags and fighting with the Airlines Reps about how unfair these rules are.  I told you, Dominicans are allergic to rules.  I actually over-heard one guy telling the AA rep to let him slide because his suitcase was only 15 lbs over the limit.  Another thing, Dominicans love hook-ups.

To make matters worse, I’m traveling with my 2 daughters, ages 6 and 1, and my very pregnant wife.  Dominicans are also known for having lots of kids but at least mine are with 1 woman, no outside kids that I know of.  Our destination is the Santiago airport in the heart of the Cibao region.  A little info is required here.  Unlike some of the other airports in the country that have a mixed Dominican and tourist clientele, the Santiago airport caters mostly to Dominicans, which means no gringos to add a little order to the whole ordeal.  Once you’re done with checking in your luggage, it’s on to the waiting area to board the plane.  By the time you get to the waiting area, all the seats are taken because everyone decided that their carry-on bags are tired and deserved to be seated as well.

Tomorrow…the plane ride continues…

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    This seeems more like a bitching session than a travelogue. I mean dude come on…everbody knows this shit, why do you have to put it out like that putting YOUR people down?

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    Raul Mariduena

    You know what I like too. Everyone stands up and starts forming the line to get into the plane, no matter what “group” number is called. I think its hilarious! Jaja

  3. Reply

    dud! like, everybody didn’t know that shit!

  4. Reply
    Jonny Nadie

    Even though we knew it, its good to bring it up. Its a beautiful thing to see and hear the things that our people do. My favorite part is clapping when the plane lands…. it never gets old.

  5. Reply

    if u are really dominican…….
    shame on you gringo apatrida.

  6. Reply

    Reminds me of the time I went to D.R with a Studio2000 MC Hammer sweatsuit. As soon as the plane landed I was escorted to a little room by three D.R cops then frisked.

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    El buen dominican

    Hi fucking gringo you are so traitor make sure next time you going to write something it make some kind of fucking sense.

  8. Reply

    Why are some posters so upset about what was written in the travelogue? I don’t understand. It’s actually fun to kind of read this stuff and laugh at it. Alot of the things that are said are true. I’m as Dominican as any other person, but to tell you the truth, there are just some people that overdo it with certain things. In general we dominicans like to do things our way, but you have to know when it’s time to be civilized and some people just don’t know. I’m sure I will enjoy this. :)

  9. Reply

    ohh men.. .i guess people can’t stand when the truth is spoken outloud…i speak for many when i say .. i will be back tomorrow to laugh some more….

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    No gringos here my friend…100% Dominicano, del alto Manhattan, Washington Heights para el que no sepa. Por favor, tengamos un discurso inteligente sobre el tema del Travelogue. De len una oportunidad y lean los 7 capítulos. No hay razón porque tengamos que faltar el respeto usando palabras feas y ofensivas. Dejen le saber al mundo que no todos los Dominicanos son como algunos del avión. Somos inteligente y intelectuales también. Step up your game, Dominican’s are here to win.

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    el pariguayo

    I also don’t understand why so many angry posters. Why is “unDominican” to put ourselves in the mirror and realized that while most of us are well intention, hard-working people, there are certain areas that we need to improve upon. What’s wrong with point out our flaws so that we could improve? Who knows? Many one day we’ll stop taking bags over 50 lbs to the airports. And beside, he’s not writing it (a least I’m not taking it) as put-down.

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    el pariguayo

    Rafael Jimenez: Yo no lo hubira podido decir mejor. You’re 100% right!

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    i agree with nino, about the claping that sh!t is funny but that us , we can’t be ashamed of our culture… and also us REAL DOMINICANS we go dressed up from head to toes with our bling bling like if we going to a party mean while u see the gringos with sweats and a t-shirt

  14. Reply

    This Travelogue was in no way, shape or form written as a put down to our people. It was one Dominican’s experience as a traveler. I’m glad that it has started a discussion amongst our people.

    Here is a sneak peak to Part II:
    link to

    Con mucho respeto,


    P.S. I’m gonna try and have the writer Led Black comment on all this.

  15. Reply
    Led Black

    It seems my innocent writings have touched a nerve. As a life-long Dominican, I am simply holding up a mirror for us to look at ourselves a little better. It’s all in fun, besides this is just the first part. Anyone who has ever been on a plane full of Dominicans can relate, even if you don’t feel I should be airing our dirty laundry in public. You’re entitled to your opinion. I am actually glad that my travelogue has sparked some honest and candid debate because that was my intention. Stay tuned for more. Peace!

  16. Reply

    Our habits are formed early in life and are hard to break. I remember as a young kid growing up in “El Cibao” how when we traveled to the country side to visit our grandparents we had to share the ride with goats, chickens and other sundry animals. My guess is that there are some rules that we do follow. I have not yet had to fly on a plane with animals seating next to me.
    E pa’lante que vamos. I just cannot wait for the next installment

  17. Reply

    Good luck with this log. I get bitched at and called names everytime I wrote something regarding the DR.
    Nevertheless, I like your writing so keep on with it.

  18. Reply
    A Savage Just Like You...

    well, my dominican savages, someone has finally pulled your cards…what did you expect to happen.. how long will you savages go on playing your muic at 3am a todo lo que da…not knowing how to make a line…so the next time you svages decide to act up in public and bring shame to the rest of us, have this travelogue with your mangu….suckers…

  19. Reply

    I would just like to congratulate Led Black on a fine job on this very funny but true story. I guess the people that have posted negative comments about Led not being a real Dominican or some sort of sell out are probably the ones that take 5 luggages that weigh 75lbs each to DR. Like Led Black, I’m not a fan of the type of savagery that goes on in the sky on the way to DR. It’s actually pretty embarrasing. I love my Dominican people and I love being Dominican but damn, we can be pretty backwards and uncivilized sometimes. Like Rafael said, Step your game up!

  20. Reply

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    Ed Rosa

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    Ed Rosa

  22. Reply

    Led Black,

    I totally support your Travelogue, 100 por ciento. Looking forward to the other parts of the logue.

    As for the negative feedback.

    Let the haters keep hating. That’s what they do best.
    Rafael Jimenez,

    You said: Step up your game, Dominican’s are here to win.

    I agree. Pero…

    I think Dominican’s have been here for quite some time and were just waiting for our time to shine.

  23. Reply
    jose silverio

    cant wait for part II.Por lo que veo el dominicano no puede recivir una critica constructiva..The man hit the nail on the head..

  24. Reply

    Esto no es noticia nueva. Todo el que ah viajado en algun tiempo sabe todo esto!!

  25. Reply

    Bien hare este comentario en español para que los dominicanos me entiendan, en parte comprendo porque algunos reaccionan furiosos con el tema y es que este valida la mala imagen que se tiene de los dominicanos, por ejemplo el dice que tiene dos hijas de la misma esposa e implica que la “mayoria” de los dominicanos les gusta tener mas hijos con diferentes mujeres,esto no es cierto en el ambiente en que me desenvuelvo la mayoria son monogamos, porque manchar la imagen nuestra en el nombre del humor?acaso no vale la pena el esfuerzo que realizamos muchos por limpiar la imagen deteriorada que existe de los dominicanos como tramposos, desordenados bullosos sucios, ladrones y muchas cosas mas?

  26. Reply

    I’ll tell u this:I just got back from Sto Dgo like three days ago y no hay nada mejor que mi pais, es verdad, somos las personas mas rebuceras que hay ,que , nosotros aun sabiendo el limite de peso , nos atrevemos a hacer un toyo cuando llegamos al aeropuerto, pero eso no es nada comparado con la pela que hay que coger en el de Santiago, pipo, eso es una fila y un calor de madre…Pero, yo , Dominicana hasta la tambora, me encanta mi tierra, espero con ansias abril para volver a coger la misma pela…Si no te gusta , no vayas, mejor , menos agua pal sazon..Bye..

  27. Reply

    I completely agree with you!!! I love going to DR, which pushes me to go at least 4 times a year…but the thought of the plane ride alone it’s very exaushing! it seems that no one knows how to read their plane ticket!! and sit in their assigned seat!..

  28. Reply
    Mr. B

    Lets all agree to disagree

  29. Reply
    Warlyn Reyes

    Con todo el respecto…Mi Pana, crease dominicano o no, no creo que usted este haciendo una critica constructiva de lo que es nuestra cultura. Siemple y llanamente usted está criticando negativamente de la manera que no portamos los dominicanos. I am sure you feel ashame when you stand up next to one of your hermanos dominicanos and he’s in a loud voice tone. Déjeme decirle que talves usted no viaje con muchas maletas, pero es talves porque solo va de vacaciones y usted no tiene toda su familia esperando que le lleve algo…y no es porque le guste que le no porque usted es la unica esperanza que tienen. Lo digo por propia experiencia. A Quien diablo..le gusta pasarse dos meses comprando para llevar…si no fuera por la necesitadad que esos parientes, ese par Jeans..oh la camiseta, o los tenis etc. Yo me siente orgulloso de ser Dominicano, de ser como somos…i am not hesitant to think you feel the same, pero tenemos que ver el nivel de educaion que nuestra jente a tenido. Nosotros los que hemos tenido la opurtunidad de estudiar y aprender algo mas de la vida que solo trabajar, creo que la responsabilidad cae en nosotros para tratar de arreglar esos puntitos negativo que hacen crear estereotipos negativo de nuestra cultura. A mi no me gusta el bullisio, pero tampoco condeno a nuestra gente por eso. Mejor trato de entender el porque nuestra cultura se porta de esa manera y en ves de irme del lado de ello, me gusta hacerle entender el porque las cosas no son como nosotros las visualizamos, hay mas gentes en el mundo las que no hacen las cosas como nosotros las hacemos y tenemos que honorar y respetar eso. Let’s appreciate a little bit more the challenges that those that came before us had to overcome in over for us to have a better future. Our parentss left everything behind to be able to support those trapped in the Island, which we all know things are that promising. Mr Led, I respect your observations, but I can’t quite agree with your method of trying to get your point across. PA’ LANTE que atra no vive GENTE.

  30. Reply

    Pero porque ay tantas personas enojadas, señores tristemente es la verdad, deveria de dar verguenza que solamente con nosotros los Dominicanos tengan que cojer tanta lucha para abordar un avion, yo vivo en Boston, y odio viajar por NY por esa razon, prefiero llegar tarde e irme por otro lado que pensar en irme por NY.

  31. Reply
    A Savage Just Like You...

    come on folks…excuses, excuses, excuses… alot of you are right, all dominicans aren’t the savages that are respresented in this piece… the older generations that came here in the 60s-70s are the back breaking, fresh off the boat immigrants, that got spit on their faces that were grindin to open the doors for the future with respect and integrity…i tip my hat off to them in respect….BUT then there are the others..and yes there are a lot of them. SAVAGES, that shold be put on blast, that want it their way.. F them, you dont follow rules, get your ass to the back of the line…and stay there til you get it right…its not fair to the other ones of us.. and some of you are crying about how this pieces exposes the truth.. that goes to show what kind of Dominican YOU all are… My parents tell me stories on how dope Uptown used to be and look and how communal the dominicans were in the 60s- 70s.. then they started shipping all the bad fruit from DR to NY in the 80s-90s.. and now look at our streets, full of savages.. and for those that said that this piece should’ve been used to help and not criticize,…hello! You first have to address a problem before you fix it…Take Two Trujillos and call me in the morning…

  32. Reply

    hi, i would like to see here some special travel for dominican republic.
    i love my country, in this moment i ‘am not there coz u know, we are here looking for more better things, but i will be there some day! visit my space and let me a comments. bye !!

  33. Reply
    Led Black

    Again, as the author of this travelogue, I liked to share a few thoughts. First, I LOVE DR and being Dominican, that should not be questioned because I write a piece that is somewhat critical of our behavior. I have lived in DR as a child and have spent most of my life living in Washington Heights, the 2nd capital of DR. Secondly; this is just the plane ride portion of the Travelogue. I was just being brutally honest with my take on the plane ride to the most beautiful place in the world. Anyone who has ever been on a plane full of Dominicans or who has tried to park their car in Washington Heights knows that we Dominicans can be very difficult with one another. A little cooperation would make life better for all of us. With that said, I also know that Dominicans have a sense of humor. That is something a few of the posters are not showing. Please continue to read my Travelogue, it is not all negative. Peace.

  34. Reply

    As a born Dominican that has been traveling back and forth since the late 70’s; I can honestly say that Led Black has just emphasized the true Dominican travel experience. Those of you that are angry or annoyed are the ones that are causing such disturbances on our flights back home. Simply “If the shoe fits, wear it”. We have to learn from our mistakes and improve. ¡Dichoso que el no viajo por Jet Blue en una miniatura de avión, ahí es que se arma la vaina! Un avión con solo un pasillo en el medio y dos filas de asientos; lleno hasta su extrema capacidad de nosotros Dominicanos, y sin comida (¿señores y es obligatorio comer en un vuelo de 3 horas?). Déjemolo ahí…

  35. Reply
    El Santiaguero

    Hey I read bits and pieces of the responses to part 1 of the travelodge, and I think that we all agree that we all share a common background. However, its nice to look back (maybe not that far back for some of us) and smile as we remember our good times Quisqueya la bella. How many times have we landed somewhere (besides D.R.) and thought to ourselves, what is wrong with these people why arent they clapping. Or how many times have we arrived at a foreign place and hit inmigration, and cant help but think is this guy going to ask me (oye dame algo hay pa la cerveza), y despues que te vas a recoger la maleta y llega el maletero y dice las maletas ban a durar un rato para salir porque la correa se daÑo. Y entonces cuando sales del aeropuerto y ves tu gente y te miran y dicen, diablo tu si es verdad que estas en buena, mira llego blanquito y limpiezito.

    Por eso mi gente que hablen todo lo que quieran, pero que seria llegar a nuestra tierra y no encontrarse con este espectaculo.

  36. Reply

    Wow…ahora si que me dieron ganas de irme para mi Quisqueya la Bella…a cojer mi lucha en el aeropuerto, pero imaginate, asi somos.

  37. Reply
    Al Mecha

    No offense To Mr.Black and I have yet to read the exciting conclusion in the next installment.
    Pero Tigere … eso se sabe O – o
    Y que La Gran Cosa ?….
    I here by suggest a topic for Mr. Black consideration –
    What’s the deal con los jodedores recien llegao en N.Y. making their money here in the US and still maldisen este pais sabiendo muy bien que si no fuera por este pais fueran unos maldito arancao en DR

  38. Reply
    Jessy Tomas

    que pena ,que vaina….Soy Dominicano y American…pero yo seitnte orgulloso…en MIA this doesnt happend like ti does up there I guess. I came to VA/DC and we have to fly from there to RDU to MIZ to SQG…then go to San PEdro or el Capital..or San Cristobal…but man is NYC really like that…the only time I saw someone get int the wrogn seat was in Boston and that was coming back from Puerto rico and the 80 yr old lady in some blanquito’s seat was yelling at his poor old lady and I dont think she even knew what was going on I told him…damn dud she doesnt even understand you…give her a break…nevertheless she could barely walk and her family ad to come to move her while this guy was rude other than that…nada…Im shocked at the stories up north…but people are always going to have people that follow the rules and those that dont. As far as our dirty laundry no one other than Dominicanos are reading this.

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