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Isa demanded a recount.  Rereading the poorly photocopied “Sex Savvy Senior Survey” she felt something break off inside her and land with a thump.  The last thing she expected to learn that Tuesday afternoon at the emergency staff meeting was that the student body of Isa’s alma mater, and current employer, voted her the unsexiest teacher alive.  Isa Avellan (formerly Muñoz) has worked hard to reclaim respectability in a small town where you don’t kick out your lousy husband, much less raise a little boy on your own.  When she learns that her students voted her the unsexiest teacher alive and her lousy ex goes on a popular shock jock radio show, this respectable single mom unleashes her inner sex kitten with the help of a very unusual guardian angel and three blundering god mothers.  But after Isa sharpens her claws on her son’s sexy soccer coach, the fur flies and she finds herself with something a bit more permanent!   Somewhere between duty and doubt, motherhood and womanhood, Isa finds real love.  For more info, visit:

Three additional must-reads:  Come Together, Fall Apart – novella and collection of shorts by Panamanian American Cristina Henriquez (Riverhead Books); The Hummingbird’s Daughter – epic now in paperback by Mexican American Luis Alberto Urrea (Back Bay Books); and Spaniard Matilde Asensi’s English-version thriller The Last Cato (Rayo).


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