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Pala_3 What do you get when you mix an Italian and a Puerto Rican? It’s definitely not the opening line of a bad joke, or West Side Story for that matter. In actuality it’s the beginning of some pretty amazing, fabulous, sold by the foot, mouth watering, gourmet, 9-12 types of organic flour, two-five days to rise, words can’t even describe pizza/italian spot with the best wine I’ve ever had!

Yeah, yeah, yeah…good pizza shops in New York City are as ubiquitous as Korean nail spots. Everyone and their mother has their claim to fame pizza spot, whether it’s one of "Ray’s Famous (or a variation thereof)" forty seven locations, John’s brick oven, Grimaldi’s in Brooklyn or Patsy’s. As a native New Yorker, I’ve been there and done that. Trust me when I tell, you’ve never had Pizza with a capital P, quite like this.

Highlights for now (as we intend to go back to try the entire menu) include the antipasti, Zucca pizza (pumpkin,pancetta, smoked scamorza cheese) , bufala cruda pizza, baccala fritters, Fiori di Zucca (zucchini blossoms filled with buffalo mozzarella and anchioves) and you have got to try the Red Lambrusco wine. The night I was there, I went with a couple of heads, one who was a wine drinker and one who wasn’t. By the end of the night, the non-wine drinker had been converted by the power of the Lambrusco (three and a half bottles I might add)! Think excellent red wine served chilled with a slight bit of effervescence (and no, not the wine cooler type). I digress_

Palà, 198 Allen Street, between Houston and Stanton Streets (212-614-7252)

P.S. Big ups to Edena and Gigio for taking three years to bring you the best pizza you’re about to have!

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